Creating the right environment for customer happiness is the basis of providing an incredible customer experience. To accomplish this, your sales and support teams need to be able to work together naturally. This is easier said than done. Your sales and support teams use distinct software to automate sales processes and provide multi-channel customer support. Unless your CRM can sync with your help desk and pull contextual customer data, your teams end up working in silos.Palpap Support team ensures the issues and prioritize their tickets for what needs the most attention. Let’s say that there’s a lead with a high deal-size who is on the verge of conversion, but they need a few questions cleared up before they make the purchase.

Two-way synchronization

Relevant tickets are pulled from help desk and displayed contextually under each lead and contact. Similarly, contact information from Palpap CRM information is displayed contextually in each ticket in your help desk.

Contextual CRM information

Our support team get contextual access to sales data from Palpap CRM for every recorded ticket. This includes information like potentials, activities, lead scores and lead sources. contact information from Palpap CRM information is displayed contextually in each ticket in your help desk.

Real-time notifications

Your teams can get real-time alerts every time a contact raises a support ticket, responds to a ticket, or leaves a happiness rating.


The idea behind universal contact center in Palpap CRM is simple. It doesn’t matter which communication channels your customers use – email, telephone, social media, instant messenger, web form, website live chat – Palpap CRM supports them all, saving the entire history of client interactions over time in one place.Open channels connect popular social networks and messaging platforms, such as Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, Slack and others to your palpap CRM account. Messages are sent by your clients from these platforms, answered by your employees inside palpap CRM and relayed back. All messages are logged and saved inside Palpap CRM CRM. Open channels support intelligent routing, queuing, rules, canned replies, bots and can be integrated with website live chat and Palpap Network.


Palpap CRM Software acquires the best in Industry Personnel’s for Developing our CRM Software. Here, in Palpap Developers work Efficiently to deliver the Bug free Software.


Palpap CRM organizes sales teams around geography or product lines, territory management handles any form of customer segmentation. Share accounts among territories, identify regions that make a profit, allocate resources, and exceed sales forecasts, all while offering excellent customer service.As your sales team grows, you need to make sure the sales processes you’ve designed can scale and that the same level of attention is given to the right customers and leads. Automate repetitive tasks with Palpap CRM so that your sales team can spend less time on data entry and more selling.

PALPAP CRM was just so easy and it satisfied every one of our requirements

It saves us a ton of time and really allows us to have smooth, quick interactions with customers, allowing us to fit in more work per day.